[MHml] Surfing multiple waves?

Rex Conn rconn
Mon May 12 13:46:56 EST 2003

I just sailed my new 48' racing tri from Texas to South Carolina (for the
Charleston to Bermuda race next Saturday), and on the *one* day we had
decent weather I experienced a surfing phenomenon I had never experienced
before (on my 38' tri, 43' cat, or 51' cat).

We were sailing north up the Atlantic coast with a 10-12 knot SW wind with
the delivery (small) main & light screacher in about 4 foot waves.  Normal
speed was 12 - 13 knots, but then we'd catch a wave and start surfing up to
18 - 20.  The unexpected thing is we would surf a wave for 5 seconds, then
accelerate past it and jump onto the wave ahead, surf that one for 5
seconds, and jump onto the one ahead of that.  By trimming the screacher
constantly we managed on several occasions to continue the surfing each time
for well over a minute.

Now that I've done it once accidentally, I'd like to be able to do it
consistently.  Has anybody else out there with one of the faster boats (Bill
G. or Ross?) developed a technique for this?

    Rex Conn

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